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Pretty Swingin' Christmas now available!

This new Christmas release is now available everywhere you buy or stream music online. Together with collaborator David Tobin, we compiled some of our most popular Christmas pieces into one swinging' collection and then we wrote a few more for 2018! Fresh new songs orchestrated by Mark Armstrong, Malcolm Edmonstone, Freddie Gavita, Charlie Harrison, and featuring the timeless vocals of Donna Byrne, Alex MacDougall and yours truly. It's a must have for the holiday season!


1) Give Me That Cheer* (Featuring Alex MacDougall)

2) Christmas List (Featuring Jeff Meegan)

3) What A Wonderful Time Of The Year* (Featuring Donna Byrne)

4) Here Comes Santa Clause* (Featuring Alex MacDougall)

5) Up On The House Top* (Featuring Randy Erwin)

6) Magical Time Of The Year (Featuring Jeff Meegan)

7) Silent Holy Night (Featuring Jeff Meegan)

8) When Dreams Come True (Featuring Jeff Meegan)

9) Almost Time For Christmas Day* (Featuring Alex MacDougall)

10) It Must Be Christmas Time* (Featuring Jeff Meegan)

11) Swingle Bells (Featuring Jeff Meegan)

12) Auld Lang Syne* (Featuring Alex MacDougall)

Produced by Jeff Meegan, David Tobin

Orchestrations by Mark Armstrong (1,4,7,12) Malcolm Edmonstone (3) Freddie Gavita (9,10), Charlie Harrison (2,6,8) David Tobin and Jeff Meegan (5,11)

Mixed by Ren Swan*

Mixed by Meegan-Tobin

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios (London)

Hinge Studio, Electrical Audio, Transient Sound (Chicago)

Fraser Performance Studio (Boston)

Published by Audio Network

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