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"Nothing But Chickens" from Super Size Me 2 now available!

Super Size Me 2 Holy Chicken!

I'm pleased to announce that Super Size Me 2 Holy Chicken, Morgan Spurlock's follow up to Super Size Me 2004 Academy award nominated documentary is being released for a 2 week run in theaters Sept 6th - 20th and available to stream Sept 13th.

Jeff Meegan, David Tobin and Tim Garland supplied all the original music for the film that exposes the dark truth's of the Chicken industry and shed's light on the fast food industries manipulation of the public with a health halo's to convince consumers that they are eating a new healthier kind of fast food.

Long time collaborators Meegan and Tobin joined forces with Tim Garland to supply music for the movie. The End credits song "Nothing But Chickens" featuring Ray Gelato is available to stream or buy on your favorite music supplier.

Nothing But Chickens

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