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Where the ideas grow!

Each day I wake up and begin my morning activities the same way. Being a pretty regimented person, I have a routine I follow each morning without fail. I make the bed, complete some mild exercise and stretching, shower then head downstairs for coffee and a little visit with the family. Once I make it down to the studio, I start to think about the various projects I'm working on with different collaborators or alone, and decide what to work on that day. And away I go, beavering away on Big Band, Classical, Jazz, Chill, Acoustic Pop, or whatever is on deck. People always ask me where I find the inspiration to continually come up with ideas for new songs or pieces and quite frankly, I have no idea. I think like most things, music becomes a routine. Music is generally always spinning around in my head and things just come out as I go through my day. I'll sing a guitar riff, a horn line, a drum and bass hook, or a small lyrical line into my phone as they come. Really I just sing, sing, sing. The key is capturing ideas when they come. Of course some are better than others and some never see the light of day again but that's the way it goes. Recognizing and capturing those ideas or inspiration is a habit or routine to foster. I'm fortunate to create music. The hard part is selling it.

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